Eating on Campus

Resident Dining Hall

The Student Union Dining Hall is where you will eat the majority of your meals. The hall offers all the comforts of a home-cooked meal along with a variety of innovative American entrees, ethnically inspired foods, vegetarian selections, and much more.

"My favorite thing about campus is the dining hall, full stop. Great food with excellent choices."
—Dr. Ezaz Ahmed, Dean of Business, Leadership & Communication 

Koala Bucks 

All students can purchase Koala Bucks online to be put on their ID card anytime the Dining Hall is open. Koala Bucks is a declining pre-paid debit put on a student’s ID and may be used at any campus food facility. Koala Bucks can be purchased at the cashier's station, the Terrace Café, or online. 

Meal Plans

Students may choose from a number of options based on their learning format and time at the college. 

  • First-year students: 19-meals-per-week plan
  • On-campus students: 19 or 15-meals-per-week plan
  • On-campus seniors: 19, 15, or 10-meals-per-week plan
  • Commuter students: 15, 10, 5-meals-per-week plan (Ask about this option at the Office of Residence Life.)

On-Campus Meal Plan Costs

  • 19 meals/week: $2,185 (Required for First Years)
  • 15 meals/week: $2,125
  • 10 meals/week: $2,000 (Seniors and Commuters Only)
  • 5 meals/week: $900 (Commuters Only)
Meal Plan Details 

Portions: Meals are served cafeteria style unless otherwise noted and “unlimited seconds” are provided at every meal, except for premium entree meals.

Use: Meal plans are non-transferable. Students also may pay individually for additional meals. Meals do not carry over to the next week. Meal plans are reset every Sunday morning.

Terrace Cafe: Meal swipes may also be used at the Terrace Café, which offers Starbucks coffee, snacks, and small meals. The café is located on the second floor of the Student Union Building. If you use your swipe at the café, you're not allowed to enter the servery area of the dining hall without the purchase of an additional meal.

Identification: A valid Columbia College ID is required for use of all meal plans. If a student has lost an ID, a temporary ID can be obtained from the CCPD for short-term use until the ID is located. If the ID is not located within a few days, the student must purchase a new ID from CCPD. Questions about the meal plan should be directed to the Office of Residence Life and Housing. 

Terrace Café 

The Terrace Café is the perfect hang-out spot. The cafe offers a variety of deli meals and beverages, and it operates jointly as a Starbucks location. Located on the second floor of the Student Union Building, you can also use your meal swipes while you study or connect at the cafe.

Additional Services

Take-Out Service

Take-out service is designed for students that have a meal-time conflict. It may not be used for resident dining. Take-out boxes are limited to one entree, two side items, and one beverage. Students requiring take-out service should take their class or work schedule to the Office of Student Affairs at least 48 hours prior to the conflict. No student may pick up another student's meal. Exceptions will be taken only in writing from the campus health center for sick students. Dining Services is not responsible for food that has been improperly stored after leaving the dining hall. All take-out boxes must be taken out of the dining hall prior to consumption. We will contact the Office of Student Affairs if you are eating from a take out box in the dining hall and have your name removed from the list.

Box Lunches 

If it is necessary to pick up your meal prior to mealtime, a boxed lunch (deli sandwich, chips, fruit, and drink) may be prepared for early pickup. This is ideal for student teachers. Please bring your schedule to the Dining Services Manager and fill out a boxed lunch request at least 24 hours in advance to schedule pickup. Dining Services is not responsible for food that has been improperly stored after leaving the dining hall.

Special Diets

Special diets prescribed by a physician can also be accommodated. Students should see the Dining Services manager for assistance

Have questions? 
To access more information about dining choices, plans, catering, and Koala Bucks, visit Columbia College dining.